Pastors & Staff

Tré Everett

Lead Pastor

Our Lead Pastor Montré Everett, whom we lovingly call Pastor Tré, served in a variety of ministry leadership capacities such as youth pastor, production pastor, and associate pastor.  Tré has a strong passion for mentoring and leaders.  As a coach and mentor to many, he is honored to be the founder of The IRONMEN Foundation, a nonprofit organization that works with youth and adult males to become better men, husbands, fathers, and leaders.

Born and raised in Vallejo, CA where he attended Taylor Chapel CME Church, Tré served as president of the Young Adult Department of the CME Church Northern California District. He spent 17 years living in Atlanta and Savannah, GA. It was in Atlanta, under the leadership of Bishop Ron Daugherty of Word Church International in Decatur, GA, where he accepted the call to ministry. While living in Savannah, he met Pastor Corey Williams who was planting a church called Impact Church. Tré played a key role in the launch of Impact and served on the pastoral and executive leadership team until relocating back home to California.
Tré is also an experienced actor and singer. He has landed roles in major motion pictures and TV commercials. His performing background shows in his sermons as his delivery is fun, engaging, and passionate. 

Latasha Everett


Pastor Tasha is no stranger to ministry. She has served in ministry beside her husband, worked as a church event coordinator, and led a number of ministry teams such as women, singles groups, and family care.
Born and raised in Cincinnati, OH where she was a member of Philippians Baptist Church, Latasha has been actively serving in church most of her life. She served as president of the Missionary Department at Taylor Chapel CME Church in Vallejo, CA and took on a leadership role at Word Church International in Decatur, GA. While living in Savannah, GA, she was a part of the leadership team at Impact Church where she also sharpened her ministry and leadership skills. She has a passion for counseling women and helping them discover their spiritual worth.
She has been equipped and empowered to lead her generation. She is a powerful prayer warrior and truly a living miracle. In 2016, Latasha suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm. Although near death, she survived and is proud to share her story. Through her testimonies, prayers, and teachings, many have regained a passion for life, understanding of their journey, and a greater commitment to follow Jesus whole­heartedly.